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cerebros has been back into Warhammer since October 2008, since which time he has failed to finish painting any units in his army. It was his tactical genius that David Moyes based Manchester United's 2013-14 season on.

Date PublishedTitleSummaryAuthor
2019-10-21Future of the siteMarking just over a decade running the site, I'm afraid its time has come to an end.cerebros
2015-07-16Age of Sigmar - First Lookcerebros takes a look at Games Workshop's brand new game system "Age of Sigmar"cerebros
2014-12-10Elves. Elves! Elves? - Part 3In the final part of cerebros' look at creating a fantasy Elf list from the three current army books he looks at Cavalry, Chariots, War Machines, Monsters and chaff units.cerebros
2014-11-26Elves. Elves! Elves? - Part 2Part two of cerebros' look at creating a fantasy Elf list from the three current army books, encompassing Core units and Special and Rare infantry.cerebros
2014-11-11Elves. Elves! Elves? - Part 1Part one of cerebros' look at creating a fantasy Elf list from the three current army books. In this part he looks at Lords and Heroes.cerebros
2013-05-12Warhammer Armies High Elves - 8th edition army overview and first impressionscerebros takes a flick through the new High Elf book to see how it affects his armycerebros
2013-05-02Website Spring CleanWhat's this? A new look to the website? Follow the link to find out why.cerebros
2012-02-02Russ Veal on 8th Edition Tomb KingsWith the recent release of the new Vampire Counts book, what better time for a belated look at Warhammer's other undead army?cerebros
2011-09-09Garagehammer Interview Part 2 - David WitekIn the second part of the Garagehammer interview, cerebros questions the other half of the duo, David Witekcerebros
2011-08-27Garagehammer Interview Part 1 - Christopher BarnetteIn the first of a two part interview, cerebros fires some questions at Christopher Barnette, one of the hosts of Garagehammercerebros
2011-07-01Warhammer Achievements 2011 - Follow-up InterviewBack in March cerebros interviewed Steve Wren about his then forthcoming tournament "Warhammer Achievements". Now the dust has settled cerebros interviews Steve again to see how the event went.cerebros
2011-05-27Hordes / Warmachine Interlude - An Interview with Russ Vealcerebros has a quick chat with Russ Veal about his excursions into Hordes / Warmachinecerebros
2011-03-16Warhammer Achievements 2011 An interview with Steve WrenIn our inaugural article for the Wargame Tournaments Website, cerebros interviews Steve Wren about his upcoming tournament, "Warhammer Achievements"cerebros