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Forthcoming Tournaments

4th Planet Games Star Wars: Legion Tournament December 2019

A Clash of Titans

Alpha Games Warhammer 40k Tournament December 2019

Arizona Game Fair 2020

Armada Games Kings of War Tournament December 2019

At Ease Games Star Wars: Legion Prime Championship December 2019

Attrition Gaming Carnage II

Attrition Gaming Star Wars: Legion Rebellion

Attrition Grand Tournament 2020

Battleground Gaming UK Brothers in Arms 40k December 2019

Beanie Games Star Wars: Armada Prime Championship 2020

Beanie Games Star Wars: Legion Prime Championship 2020

Beanie Games Star Wars: Legion Tournament December 2019

Beanie Games X-Wing Tournament December 2019

Blood Bowl Welsh Open 2020

Bristol 9th Age Ninjas Present: Winter Assault


Brotherhood of Hellstorm

Bubba Bowl VII

Caledonian Mayhem 2020

Caledonian Uprising 2020

Call of the Everchosen

Call the Banners!

Critical Hit Gaming Lounge Age of Sigmar Doubles December 2019

Dark Millennium 7


Deep Strike Against Poverty

Destruction Derby 2020

Elements of Sigmar Winter 2020

Fire and Blood

Fistful of Dice Series 2019 Final

Forbidden Battleground GT 2019

Giga-Bites Cafe A Song of Ice and Fire Tournament December 2019

Grimdark Gamers Cup 2019

Hell and High Water

Heretics Roasting on an Open Fire

Into the Hellstorm 5

Into the Hellstorm RTT

Its Underworlds But Not As We Know It

Justice Series December 2019

Kirtonian Carnage VI

Leodis Games Star Wars: Legion Prim Championship 2019

Malifaux: A Winter Showdown

Manabowl Stunty Cup III: Reign of the Skinks

Nuffle's Wyld 3

Redcap's Corner Warhammer 40k Tournament December 2019

Sanctuary Gaming Centre Star Wars: Legion Skirmish December 2019

Sanctuary Gaming Centre Warhammer Underworlds Store Championship December 2019

Sigmar vs Santa

Sith Taker Open 2020

Solihell 2020

Stage of Pain 3

Stone Bowl 2020

Stormcrow Games Warhammer 40k Monthly Tournament December 2019

Tempest 2020

The Conquest of El'kan

The Elflympic Games IV: Goblimpicz!

The Games Shop Warhammer Underworlds Thrown Down 8,5

The Last Days of the Imperium

The Scottish Championships 2020

The United Kingdom Blood Bowl Team Challenge (UKTC) 2020

The Waaagh Warmup

The Wild Charge

The Xmas Doubles 2019

Thorball 4: Wrath of the Gods

Two Drunk Flings Presents Sin City Bowl

Waterbowl Weekender 2020

Winter Warm-up 2020

Zakeda Age of Sigmar Tournament December 2019

Zakeda Warhammer 40k GT 2020