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Date PublishedTitleSummaryAuthor
2019-10-21Future of the siteMarking just over a decade running the site, I'm afraid its time has come to an end.cerebros
2015-07-16Age of Sigmar - First Lookcerebros takes a look at Games Workshop's brand new game system "Age of Sigmar"cerebros
2014-12-10Elves. Elves! Elves? - Part 3In the final part of cerebros' look at creating a fantasy Elf list from the three current army books he looks at Cavalry, Chariots, War Machines, Monsters and chaff units.cerebros
2014-11-26Elves. Elves! Elves? - Part 2Part two of cerebros' look at creating a fantasy Elf list from the three current army books, encompassing Core units and Special and Rare infantry.cerebros
2014-11-11Elves. Elves! Elves? - Part 1Part one of cerebros' look at creating a fantasy Elf list from the three current army books. In this part he looks at Lords and Heroes.cerebros
2013-05-12Warhammer Armies High Elves - 8th edition army overview and first impressionscerebros takes a flick through the new High Elf book to see how it affects his armycerebros
2013-05-02Website Spring CleanWhat's this? A new look to the website? Follow the link to find out why.cerebros
2012-02-02Russ Veal on 8th Edition Tomb KingsWith the recent release of the new Vampire Counts book, what better time for a belated look at Warhammer's other undead army?cerebros
2011-09-09Garagehammer Interview Part 2 - David WitekIn the second part of the Garagehammer interview, cerebros questions the other half of the duo, David Witekcerebros
2011-08-27Garagehammer Interview Part 1 - Christopher BarnetteIn the first of a two part interview, cerebros fires some questions at Christopher Barnette, one of the hosts of Garagehammercerebros
2011-07-01Warhammer Achievements 2011 - Follow-up InterviewBack in March cerebros interviewed Steve Wren about his then forthcoming tournament "Warhammer Achievements". Now the dust has settled cerebros interviews Steve again to see how the event went.cerebros
2011-05-27Hordes / Warmachine Interlude - An Interview with Russ Vealcerebros has a quick chat with Russ Veal about his excursions into Hordes / Warmachinecerebros
2011-03-16Warhammer Achievements 2011 An interview with Steve WrenIn our inaugural article for the Wargame Tournaments Website, cerebros interviews Steve Wren about his upcoming tournament, "Warhammer Achievements"cerebros