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Hi everyone,

Iím afraid the time has come to start saying goodbye to the Wargame Tournaments Website.

The website marked its 10th anniversary in September, which is quite an achievement for a hobby project I started due to my frustrations at trying to find a single source of event information back in the glory days of the end of Warhammer 7th edition. However, times have moved on and Iím finding the task of finding and adding events to the website is becoming more onerous, especially for something that has been conducted as an adjunct to the hobby of miniature wargaming; a hobby that Iíve not actively participated in for almost three years now.

Had visitor numbers been keeping up I might have considered carrying on in some limited form, as Iíve enjoyed the challenges involved in coding the website and designing the backend database, but the number of people using the site continues to drop, making time spent working on it feel like a lot of effort for the benefit of not many people.

I realise that this decision will probably come as a disappointment to anyone who does use the site regularly but maybe someone else will take up the mantle elsewhere.

While Iím announcing the end of the site now, I do plan on making some limited updates to the listings for events up until the end of this calendar year and the thirty-six events for 2020 already listed on the site will stay on the home page until their dates have passed.

As the website falls under the web hosting I pay for for my personal email, it will still be there. Depending on how much effort it looks like it will take, I may see about making the archive of events that have been listed searchable on the off-chance that anyone should need that information. The handful of articles that have been uploaded over the years will continue to be available as well.

All that remains is to say thank you to everyone whoís supported the site over the years, whether thatís by plugging it to club mates, adding a link up on forums or Facebook groups etc, or mentions on podcasts.

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cerebros has been back into Warhammer since October 2008, since which time he has failed to finish painting any units in his army. It was his tactical genius that David Moyes based Manchester United's 2013-14 season on.